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The Spirit of a Fighter

Good morning! Let’s kick off the week right and pretend it’s not minus whatever-it-is outside by taking a look at another Kwest fighter profile. Those of you who were at the fights in December are probably wondering what happened to one of our fighters. Sadly, I don’t have any photos of his fight but we […]

Fight Night, Bangkok Style

Happy Friday, Kwesters! It’s been a week of hard classes and everyone has really stepped up and brought lots of energy to each and every drill Kru Kelly has thrown at you this week…including LOTS of burpees. Great job, everyone, we hope you are planning to round out the week with Fun Friday tonight. Today […]

A Long Time Coming

Up today is our last round of Rumble photos, featuring Jordan Long. When the night’s scheduled main event got canceled due to medical reasons, Jordan and his opponent got catapulted into the main event slot, and boy did they deliver. Jordan has been training with Kwest for several years but due to taking his nursing […]

Luc Strikes Again

Hello, Kwesters! Sorry about the light posting as we struggled with a mid-January hit of illness. Kru Kelly is back to teaching tonight, so you know you don’t want to miss that…should be a good one after a short break for resting and recovering. Up today for your viewing pleasure we have some photos of […]

Further, faster, stronger

Holli Moncrieff came to train at Kwest a few years ago already, but long before that Kru Kelly and Holli trained at another gym together. This gym no longer exists and many of those who trained and taught there no longer keep in touch, so Kru Kelly is always excited when old friends and training […]

Explosive Set Training

Further to my last post I would like to back it up with some information by one of the leading Fitness Consultants in the industry. This excerpt is taken from a free publication of Alwyn Cosgrove, some of which has been paraphrased to capture the consensus of his points. Although this talks about interval training […]

Training Philosophy

Tonight’s class will focus on the core. As you mentally prepare for class tonight, here are some tips to consider in regards to your training overall. To prepare your body and increase your conditioning you should try to train in explosive sets. A lot of people will start a stamina drill with the mindset of […]

A Whole Lot of Heart

Happy Wednesday, folks! Up today are photos of our third and final exhibition match from December’s fights featuring Joseph Stephenson. If you’re a Kwester, then chances are pretty good that you know Joe. Joe is faithfully at the gym almost every single day, either working or training. Joe does both with a smile, a good […]

An Original Kwester – Marliese Friesen

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are as excited about 2011 as we are. We’re jumping back in the ring around here with some more great shots from our last fight night. Marliese Friesen is one of Kru Kelly’s “oldest” students – she has been training […]