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Fighting like a Girl

I would venture that most of you have probably noticed that we have a lot of female members at Kwest, probably a higher percentage than the average¬†boxing or MuayThai club. We are very proud of the fact that our club is friendly and welcoming to all fitness levels, genders, etc. and this is something we […]

MuayThai, Junior

In keeping with the documentary on Lumpinee we talked about last week, which features young boys living and training at Lumpinee Stadium, we thought we would look a little more at how MuayThai training starts at such a young age in Thailand. The video below was taken when Kru Kelly was training in Thailand and […]

Lumpinee Stadium and the Kwest Mascot

Most of you have probably seen a little dog around our gym, greeting those who arrive early or curled up taking a nap in the equipment room during class. Ninee (pronouced “knee-knee”) loves to come to the gym and visit all of her friends there, although it may just be that she likes the treats […]

Human Weapon

We’re kicking off the week here with some great video to share with you. Human Weapon is a tv show that aired on the History Channel where the two hosts traveled the world researching and training in different martial arts. At the completion of their training, the hosts would actually compete against a trained master […]

Let’s Make Some Noise!

Alright, all you Kwesters out there – we’ve got a job to do! This morning Kru Kelly, Jordan (cornerman) and Wayne’s wife Charleen loaded up one of Kwest’s fighters – Wayne Pokornik – and headed out to Calgary, AB to participate in an event there. Tomorrow is the big night, which will see Wayne fighting […]